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New Instructor
Instructor Name Nisreen El Shafei
Course Content 6 Lessons
Category Legal English
Nisreen T.El Shafei is a UN and Legal Translation and Legal English Instructor at the AUC (SCE) and a legal translator with over a decade of experience in teaching almost two decades in legal translation. ElShafei specializes in legal translation and English. As a strong believer in the power of positive learning and and self-development, she has successfly helped judges, lawyers and legal translators to achieve their training and professional goals.

Frequently Asked Questions
1- What types of legal courses are available on the website?
Kouncel offers a plethora of legal courses in fields like Corporate Law, Intellectual property, Dispute resolution, Sports Law, Insurance and Environmental Law. In addition to courses targeting skills and personal development such as Legal English, Legal Drafting, and Dual Qualification. For our full list of courses, please check this page.
2- Who are the instructors for the legal courses?
Our Kouncels are carefully selected for their excellence and expertise in their respective fields. They are not just academics but actual practitioners who have years of experience practicing law. Their practical experience and knowledge make them the perfect fit to teach legal courses on Kouncel. With Kouncel's instructors, learners can be confident that they are learning from the best in the legal industry.